BodywoRx Medical Center LLC is a boutique-style, holistic approach to image enhancement that offers dermatology, plastic surgery, and innovative aesthetic service.  Aided by science and technology, driven by expertise and safety, delivered in a confidential and supportive environment, BodywoRx provides a comprehensive range of medical and non-medical aesthetic treatments capable of delivering image makeovers from subtle improvements to dramatic reinventions.

Stemming from our core belief that in aesthetic treatment ‘one size does not fit all’, every treatment plan is fully customized, devised and monitored with in-depth consultation and follow up.

In line with our holistic view of aesthetic treatment, BodywoRx delivers through 3 main departments – Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetics, not only the ‘scaffolding’ of image enhancement but also the finishing touches, for grooming and maintaining results long term.

Firm in our commitment to bringing you only safe, proven and effective products and services throughout all three departments, we meticulously research our product selection and stay abreast of new developments in the field, separating facts from fads.  Recognizing the field of aesthetic medicine is one of rapid and constant innovation, we consider ourselves a work in progress, and will continue to evolve to remain at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in the UAE.




is Abu Dhabi’s most exclusive Medical Center that caters Aesthetics Medicine. Our carefully selected team of professionals will create a fully customized plan to address all your aesthetic needs safely, and in total confidentiality.

boasts on scientific-based approach to skincare and cosmetic age reversal. We believe in the continued search for quality and innovation, using a multi-faceted and most up to date approach, in both our treatment protocols and product selections.
In BodywoRx,

we have the expertise to help define your aesthetic goals, and put you firmly on the path to achieving them.

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