BodyWorx Clinic – tried and tested

Caitlyn Davey headed to BodyWorx Clinic to try and tame some hair growth


The promise: 

To reduce hair growth through laser hair removal.

The experience:
Bodyworx can be a little difficult to find – located in a villa opposite Al Dana Girls’ School, but fortunately for us as we have been to this extensive clinic before. Bodyworx invests in state-of-the-art equipment, meaning sometimes treatments cost a little more than the more conventional outlets but they are the best in the biz, so we feel that you get what you pay for.

The friendly reception staff greet us and ask if we’ve been before – which we have so no paperwork is needed.

Our therapist meets us in the waiting room and quickly escorts us upstairs to the private room. She asks if we have had laser-hair removal before, which we have. She then asks us how we find the pain. ‘It’s a small pricking sensation,’ she informs us. ‘If you are uncomfortable, please tell me.’ She takes the time to explain the procedure – how the laser works, by penetrating the hair root and zapping it to prevent re-growth. She tells us the ideal preparation is shaving the day before, which we have done, which should ensure the best results.

We lie back in our seat, hands over our head and the therapist cleans the area. She’s very friendly, chatting about our hair-removal choices and checking at all times that we are comfortable. We feel at ease, despite a slight nervousness.

The laser is started up – it’s a hand-held wand with a metal tip. Our therapist gently drags the laser over our armpit; it evokes a small pricking sensation – less painful than a tweezer, more like a tiny jolt. She systematically drags it across our armpit – tickling a little, before proceeding to the other side.

The procedure takes around 15 minutes, and is over before we know it. Our therapist then tells us to avoid hot water and soap on the area (to avoid irritation) and no additional laser treatments for three weeks. The therapist is very helpful – she gives us plenty of information throughout the entire session, answering all our questions, showing her expertise and thorough training.

Overall we are happy with the experience and can’t wait to see the results.

The results:
For maximum effectiveness, up to six sessions are required. The hair re-growth is thin and the effects last more than one month.

The pros:
It’s quicker and less painful than wax and lasts far longer than shaving. It’s also the least painful laser we have ever encountered.

The cons:
It’s not painful as much as it is uncomfortable – it almost tickles. Several sessions are needed for maximum effect.

Dhs600 for underarms, Bodyworx Clinic, between 6th and 9th Streets, Al Nahyan Camp (02 641 9961).

By Time Out Abu Dhabi staff
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