Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentations are done for many reasons, from a reduction in size after childbirth to an adjustment of body proportion. For fit and slender women the balance between breast size and a toned body is often difficult to find. 

Whatever the reason, breast augmentation surgery is an excellent solution, and we have many happy clients who are thrilled with their new shape and size, and the confidence boost it provides them.


There are a few decisions to be made in preparation for your Breast Augmentation, which will be discussed with your Plastic Surgeon during your consultation:


The shape and size of your implant, the incision, whether axillary, around the nipple or below the breast, and the placement: Some Plastic surgeons insert the implants under the muscle because they will look inconspicuous, others place the implants above the muscle because they feel it may lead to a better overall shape. Dr Blaschke prefers to place the implant in a novel plane, which combines the two for a much more natural look.


You will spend one night in the private hospital for your comfort and safety. The stitch in the short incision is resorbable. Please wear a comfortable sports bra during the healing period. You can return to regular, non-strenuous activity within a few days, however you should refrain from your usual exercise routine or lifting anything heavier than a handbag for 3 weeks after surgery.


Feel free to make an appointment with Bodyworx for a consultation with Dr Blaschke or for further information.