Breast Uplift


This procedure is designed to lift a droopy bust, often as a result of pregnancies and other weight changes.


The lift elevates the breast tissue and the nipple - areola complex to a higher position, excess skin is being removed. Dr Blaschke uses a method, whereby breast tissue is being placed and secured under the new area of highest projection like an implant, which leads to a perky and juvenile shape. The ugly horizontal scar is unnecessary.


You will spend one night under our care for your comfort and safety. The lower stiches are resorbable, the ones around the nipple complex will be removed after one week.  Swelling, bruising and temporary discoloration are to be expected and you may also experience temporary loss of breast and/or nipple sensation. You should be able to return to work within a week.


After surgery your breasts will be positioned higher and will feel firmer, scars tend to fade over time.


Feel free to make an appointment with Bodyworx for a consultation with Dr Blaschke or for further information.