Buttocks Enhancement


A firm pair of buttocks is a sign of youth for males and females alike. Genetics, weight loss and age are the common factors, which may impair the shape.


The simplest way to address the problem is the insertion of implants through a small opening, which leaves virtually no permanent marks. Recently lipofilling, the socalled Brazilian Lift, has been added to the armory, which works even better if one liposuctions the surroundings.  In more severe cases a reconstruction is indicated, which leaves more pronounced scars. 


After careful marking a small incision is made between the buttocks, and implants are inserted into the large gluteal muscles.  The incision is closed with fine stitches, and drains are inserted to prevent fluid collections.


In the case of a lipofilling extensive liposuction is performed after careful marking and infusion of tumescence fluid to prevent pain and bleeding, and then fat is injected into the muscular layers. There are no stitches, and the fluid will flow out over night, which leads to less bruising and swelling.


If a lift is indicated, a flap is raised from the upper third of the buttocks after careful marking and inverted in order to increase projection. The fine stitches will be resorbable, so that there is no removal.


You will spend one night under our care for your safety and comfort. After the operation you have to sit and lie in a particular way, which will be explained to you in detail during your consultation.  Strenuous activities have to be avoided for 3 weeks.


For more information make an appointment with Dr Blaschke at Bodyworx Clinic.