Face And Neck Lift


A normal consequence of the natural ageing process is a forward and downward shift of the soft tissues. This often goes along with a marked loss of volume. Interestingly even the bony parts change with age. Corrections should therefore aim at repositioning the soft tissue to where it belongs, which is not sidewards but upwards. A balanced approach will distinguish between a face that suffers mainly from skin damage eg due to sun exposure, which leads to wrinkling and sagging, and from volume loss with deep folds and jowls, which can also have various reasons. 

Dr Blaschke´s technique avoids visible scars and has a short downtime. Only a smaller part of the facial skin is undermined to avoid irritation to the nerves. The sagging soft tissues are tied to a very strong fascia above the ear, which secures them reliably. Skin excess is excised. Closure of the very small incision in an inconspicuous area is with a fine suture. Volume replacement is done with your body fat, a very important step of the operation, as a fuller face tends to look much younger.

The operation is usually done under general anaesthesia, but other options are open to you. You will spend one to two nights at the privat clinic for your comfort and safety. On discharge you will only wear a light dressing. The stitch and some clips in your hairbearing scalp will be removed within days.

Due to the limited undermining you should be able to return to your usual activities within a week or two. However strenuous exercises should be deferred as after any other surgical intervention.

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