Hyper Pigmentation And Melasma


Melasma is a relatively common disorder of hyper pigmentation that affects sun-exposed areas of skin, most commonly the face and hands. It affects women mainly, but does affect men, and is particularly prevalent in those with darker complexions and/or those living in areas of intense UV exposure.


The precise cause of melasma has not been determined, but multiple factors are considered to be involved, such as pregnancy, oral contraceptives, genetics, sun exposure, certain cosmetic use, thyroid dysfunction, and anti epileptic medications.  While Melasma occurs in up to 75 percent of pregnant women, it often regresses on its own within a year of delivery, however, often areas remain, and will need treatment to eliminate.


Melasma occurs on either the surface layers of the skin, the deeper layers, or a combination of both. This in addition to the persistent nature of the condition makes treatment difficult, and may require long-term attention and strict sun protection habits.


As with all our treatment a uniquely tailored combination approach is our preferred way to treat melasma.  After assessing the severity of the condition we will consider the safest, and quickest way forward. This will usually consist of some form of resurfacing, together with topical applications, and a very rigid home care package. In some cases where the melasma is deeper and/or recurrent combined laser therapies may be advised in conjunction with melanin suppressants.