Lip Correction


Typically thin lips be it natural or due to ageing will be corrected. Another area is the treatment of the so called `gummy smile`, and finally, the distance from nose to lip tends to increase with age, which leads to a `senile´appearance.


The simplest way to deal with all three problems is to plump up lips and the area above the mouth by Hyaluronic Acid. In this area the effect is only shortlasting.  A valid and much longer lasting alternative is own body fat, which requires a small operation.

The gummy smile can be treated by botulinum injections, a realiable method, whose effect lasts up to about 6 months. Surgical corrections are possible as well.


An elongation can be treated by shortening above the lips or below the nostrils to avoid visible scars.  The operation is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. There will be very little downtime with swelling and bruising.


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