Liposuction is a well-established bodyshaping method, which is one of the most common cosmetic operations. Various technical variations have been brought forward over the past 3 decades, from Ultrasound to Laserliposuction. A relatively recent modification is the simultaneous liposuction and lipotransfer in order to achieve a more even result.

The body areas treated have expanded from abdomen and thighs to face, neck, chest, arms and calves.  The popularity stems from the virtual invisibility of resulting marks and the hugely increased variety of instruments, which are tailored to the respective indication.

Buttock and breast enhancement with surrounding liposuction and direct augmentation by fat injection is increasingly popular. The loss of facial volume due to age or disease can be easily balanced by fat. Lipotransfer has expanded equally from a mere volume substitute to a therapeutic measure as fat is rich in `young ´cells and hormones and can ameliorate scars and contractures, for example from acne or post breast irradiation.

Fat surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia and sedation as well as under general anaesthesia following the patient´s preferences.

After careful marking tumescence fluid - a mixture of saline, local anaesthetic and adrenaline – is being instilled, and the planned volume is harvested or simply suctioned off until a smooth result is achieved. If necessary fat is being treated and reinjected into depressed areas. There is no wound closure, all fluid can flow out, which results in a better scar and less discoloration. After larger liposuctions, especially around the abdomen, you are expected to spend one night under our care for your comfort and safety. You need to wear a compression garment for 3 weeks. Otherwise there are only few limitations.

Dr Blaschke gained wide experience in a variety of applications for fat surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact Bodyworx for more information and an appointment with Dr Blaschke.