What is an LVL treatment?

LVL is a revolutionary alternative to lash extensions! Known in the industry as an HD (high definition) lash perm, the LVL process uses innovative techniques to gently uplift and straighten lashes.   A completely natural, low maintenance treatment without the use of traditional harsh perming techniques.


What are the results?

LVL can give you longer looking lashes...  It’s one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift your entire face, giving a stunning wide-eyed look to your natural lash, without the need for lash extensions.


Who is it ideal for?

Ideal for anyone with lashes which do not have a natural curl or if you curl your natural lashes with lash curlers but find that they just straighten out again very quickly! Everyone wants the big lash look but while lash extensions are a great solution for many, there are those who prefer LVL for a natural solution which adds length, volume and lift to your natural lashes.


Are there any risks like the frizz with regular perms?

One of the major risks involved with lash perming is causing actual damage to the lashes – effectively, over-processing them causing them to frizz and curl.  LVL treatments are natural and gentle on the lashes.  There’s no curl, no frizz…just voluminous lashes that have been naturally lifted and straightened. Furthermore, LVL offers new technology, using silicon shields, rather than rods to gently lift and straighten the lashes. These are far more comfortable when you are having the treatment, plus they are gentle on your lashes too!


How long will the LVL treatment take?

45mins without a lash tint, 1 hour including a lash tint.

How long will the LVL effect last?

Your new stunning LVL treatment will last for up to 6 - 8 weeks!