Mummy Make Over


One of the greatest gifts for a woman is to give birth. But there are some difficult consequences. Women tend to gain considerable weight during pregnancy, which will distend all structures of the abdominal wall from muscle to skin. And as the breast normally increases in size as well, skin and underlying tissues can be stretched. Several births might lead to a significant widening of the birth channel.

A Mummy Makeover will address the damage caused by pregnancy. This usually entails all three areas, although not all of them will be equally affected.




Abdomen (Tummy)

The tummy is almost always involved, skin and muscle are distended. A Tummy Tuck involves removal of excess skin along with those very visible stretch marks and a realignment of the abdominal muscles. Liposuction is frequently part of the operation. The surgery can restore a flat abdomen and a well shaped belly button.


Breast Surgery

Breasts tend to gain size with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Thereafter the volume goes down again and often leaves skin excess and a droopy appearance behind. In many cases a simple augmentation will solve the problem. Otherwise a breast uplift is indicated. Often breast surgery is performed in conjunction with the Tummy Tuck.


Birth Canal

The involved structures become extremely distended, which may after multiple pregnancies lead to a permanent widening and even changes to the outer appearance. Nowadays very elegant procedures can restore the region to its juvenile shape and function.


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