Otoplasty/Ear Correction


Ear deformities real or perceived can be very debilitating. We all know of the diverse camouflage strategies from hairstyle to hats. A surgical correction is a well-established way to deal with the problem. The corrective measures can be taken relatively early as the ear is coming very close to its adult size under 10 years of age.


Reasons for correction can be congenital deformities (eg the well known bat ears), trauma and tumors. In each case a careful evaluation of the individual problem is of the essence in an organ, which is so visible.


Ear surgery on adults is most commonly performed under local anesthesia and sedation, whereas children normally have general anaesthesia. 


Ear surgery does not normally result in significant discomfort during recovery. Dressings are worn for about 4-5 days. As bat ears have a tendency to recur an elastic band has to be worn for 3 weeks day and night and for a further 3 weeks at night only.


There are few complications associated with ear surgery, but healing might be delayed and there is a small possibility of infection. Therefore a thorough follow up is important.


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