Semi Permanent Make-Up with Long Time Liner

Semi Permanent Make-Up with Long Time Liner

Semi-permanent make up is the ultimate in effortless beauty, and can be used to create a number of beautiful effects from the subtle to the dramatic – natural hair stroke brows to set shape and eliminate over plucking and gaps, defined eyes, and shapely lip contour. Semi-permanent make up is the perfect solution for ‘busy schedule beauty’, allowing you to look great always.

The semi-permanent eyeliner adds fullness and defines the eyelashes, and our semi- permanent lip color can blend into your natural lip for subtle results or be bright or bold as lipstick. We also provide medical pigmentation services to mask problem zones for the skin.

We offer a wide selection of pigments to suit all skin tones including fashion make up effects such as colored eyeliners and shadows. Semi-permanent make up is not exclusively for the ladies, with options such as eye defining, is great on men wanting to enhance their eyes or give the illusion of thicker darker lashes.  We also offer paramedical micropigmentation for areola creation following mastectomy, darkening, enlarging, reshaping or even covering scarring from breast surgery. Other paramedical applications may include scar camouflage, vitiligo patches, and lip defining following various lip surgeries.

The medically regulated color is pigmented into the first layer of the skin, the Epidermis, where it lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 years more or less depending on the individual's skin regeneration, skin type, metabolism; and external factors, such as the environment and sun damage. Conture® Make-up can be touched up to refresh the design, reshaped, replaced with different colors or left to fade. With LONG-TIME-LINER's Conture Make-Up, clients have the ability to change up their style to suit their current look and won't be stuck with an outdated or unattractive tattoo.

Semi Permanent Make-Up