Skin Care Products


We recognise that getting the most out of any skin treatment requires a good supportive home care system. We take our commitment to providing you the utmost in aesthetic care very seriously and, as part of that service, believe that researching and bringing you the most effective products is part of that responsibility.


Our entire product range has been carefully selected and illustrates a product range with specific, scientifically-proven ingredients to deliver and maintain optimal skin health, allowing you to obtain results faster and for longer.


BodywoRx was the 1st clinic in the U.A.E to offer renowned, prescribed skin care brand Skin Medica, a brand with a proven track record for innovation and quality skin care, loved by celebrities and skin care professionals across the U.S.A. We also introduced our mineral make-up ranges to support both the fashion effects of beauty without compromising skin health.


Since opening our clinic our product ranges have continued to grow and we continue to cut back on duplication – selecting only the most effective, yet mindful to maintain the product variety to cater to all skin types.


Stay tuned for more exciting product ranges in the near future.