Spider Vein Therapy


Whether they appear on the face, legs or other parts of the body, spider veins – also referred to as telengectasia, are unsightly and often difficult to conceal.


The most common cause of these veins are hormonal changes in the body, resulting from puberty, pregnancy, or hormonal medications, but like many other health conditions, heredity is also a factor.


Certain lifestyle and environmental factors also contribute, such as exposure to the sun for long periods, standing for too long, lack of movement, or crossing the legs.  Wearing tight clothing or undergarments, high heels, and being overweight are also common culprits.


However, techniques such as laser and sclerotherapy go a long way in helping the battle against them. Laser treatments are the most common form of treatment and help seal the veins closed and the appearance of the spider veins ultimately fade away, often treatment requires more than one appointment, but treatment is safe and effective.


Treatment is both fast and comfortable, and home care requirements are minimal, however may require compression garments be worn for a period of time.