Stretch Marks And Scar Tissue


Many women are affected by stretch marks, whether a result of pregnancy or weight gain or loss. Stretch marks are notoriously difficult to treat, as treatment needs to address both a lack of collagen in the area and the formation of striped scar tissue, creating an obvious colour difference between the stretch mark areas and the normal skin.


While widely acknowledged that stretch marks respond best when they are in the ‘red’ phase, unfortunately by the time most get round to treating them the majority have moved past the initial stage leaving behind ‘white’ tracks.


Scar tissue can often be disfiguring and uncomfortable, but also presents its own unique treatment challenges with results often unpredictable.


Aided with powerful and diverse options to address the multi-dimensional concerns of both conditions such as high-powered ablative and collagen enhancing laser, a variety of needling options and, in some cases, the application of stem cell technology we are able to tailor an aggressive treatment plan to work toward results which produce significant and measurable improvements.